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Predicci├│n de patrones meteorol├│gicos y clima

3rd Grade

Common Core State Standards: 3-ESS2-1.

Represent data in tables and graphical displays to describe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season. [Clarification Statement: Examples of data could include average temperature, precipitation, and wind direction.] [Assessment Boundary: Assessment of graphical displays is limited to pictographs and bar graphs. Assessment does not include climate change.]

Common Core State Standards: 3-ESS2-2.

Obtain and combine information to describe climates in different regions of the world.

Common Core State Standards: 3-ESS3-1.

Make a claim about the merit of a design solution that reduces the impacts of a weather-related hazard.* [Clarification Statement: Examples of design solutions to weather-related hazards could include barriers to prevent flooding, wind resistant roofs, and lightning rods.]

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